Terms and Conditions

Guest Terms & Conditions

Once you have purchased your ticket you will be emailed a copy. Printed tickets are not required for check in (unless checking in on a different name), but we would advise having proof of some kind (phone/email/printed). If we do not have a copy of your ticket on our end and you can not show proof of purchase you will not be admitted.

Tickets are non-refundable, however they are transferable (printed copies of your tickets must be provided).

There is no photography or videography during the show unless you have written permission from the organizers.

Raffle, door and best dressed prizes are subject to change.

All payments made on this site are done so securely with Stripe. You can read more about their terms and conditions here.

Anyone found to be being rude to performers, inappropriate, violent, on drugs or drinking excessively will be asked to leave by the organizers and/or the venue.

Only guests over 18 will be admitted.

We will never share your information with a third party.


Performer Terms & Conditions - Please read carefully

Applications & Routine Rules

Anyone can apply, we will be accepting both men and women in 2020.

You can apply for more than one city, but you will only be accepted in one city.

Act can not be more than 5 minutes.

Applications must have video of the routine attached or sent seperately

No assistants, no exceptions. Kittens can help with simple setups, but no one else can assist during the show or be backstage

No large props. Anything larger than can be moved by one kitten in one trip will be considered too large.

If you are performing live vocals you must provide your own equipment or be willing to use the hosts mic (corded or not) and MUST arrive first for sound check

No Mess - No exceptions other than large loose confetti. NO liquid, glitter or food products.

No full nudity.


On the Night

Performers found doing drugs or drinking excessively will be asked to leave.

All performers MUST be able to arrive no less than 30 MIN before doors open or they will not be allowed to perform.

You will be given a 10 minute time slot for your tech and no more.

Music must be provided by 10th January.

No one allowed into the audience until all voting cards have been collected.

Your guest may photograph or film your act only with written permission in advance. They may only photograph or film other acts with the express permission of those performers. Professional photos and video taken on the night Burlesque Idol Australia reserves the rights to use for promotional use.

No riders provided. 

Bribes will not be accepted unless they come in the form of homemade cupcakes, bottles of Perrier Jouet, or Mr. Pearl corsets :)